Boarding, Lessons, Camps, Trail Rides, and Parties




If you do not see what you are looking for or if you would like to add a twist to our already established services, please give us a call at our office.  We just might be open to your idea.


Fun Facts
  • Colorado bans fishing from horseback, as do Washington D.C. and Utah.
  • Tennessee prohibits riders from lassoing fish.





Equestrian Services


We offer three different levels of boarding depending on the services you and your horse require.

  1. Pasture Board
    For $345 per month your horse will be in a grass pasture with other horses, given hay twice daily, 12:12 minerals free choice, de-wormed, and a spot will be given for a saddle and grooming tote in the tack room.  With this level you do not have access to a stall, but we do have places for you to tie your horse near the tack room.
  2. Full Board
    For $500 per month your horse will be given a stall to use during the day (8-3), fed twice daily up to 3lbs per feeding, hay twice daily, turn out on a grass pasture with other horses, 12:12 minerals free choice, de-wormed, and a spot will be given for a saddle and grooming tote in the tack room.
  3. Full Board Plus
    For $550 per month you get the same options as the Full Board with the addition of having your horse in until 6:00 pm.

If you require additional services such as private turn out, call our office for pricing.

Riding Lessons

Our instructor, Misty D. Beard, is CHA certified Level 3 english and western style. She offers private lessons starting at $55 per hour. Packages are available, as well as group lessons starting at $45 per hour. For group lessons a package deal is $40 per hour for 12 weeks, paid up front ($480). Ground lessons are available with the pricing as riding lessons. Misty also offers driving lessons starting at $65 per hour and goes up from there. Please call Misty at Wandering Trails, 561-622-8130.

Additional pricing information:

9:30 - 2:30 - $50 (per day) / $225 (per week)

7:30 - 5:30 - $60 (per day) / $275 (per week)


  • Lessons are for beginner/intermediate levels and are given in a group, but are individualized according to interests, ability and rate of progression. In order to maintain a fun and relaxed learning environment, lessons are given on over 600 acres of beautiful trails as well as in a riding ring.
  • Lessons continue year 'round in Western, Bareback and English. Participants may also prefer working with high spirited or "green broke" horses, or attempt the challenge of jumping or barrel racing, etc.
  • Lessons are renewed on a quarterly basis. New students may start any time during the quarter and rates will be adjusted. Quarterly sets are $480.00 per set ($40.00 per lesson X 12 weeks).
  • We recommend a comfortably fitting shirt, jeans or riding pants, flat-soled boots with a modest heel (no lug sole), and a Safety Approved horseback riding helmet. These items are not required, nor do we supply them, however, they are highly recommended; we leave this to your discretion. Check the phone book under "Feed & Tack" or "Riding Apparel" to find a dealer near you.
  • We also offer Horsemanship lessons in saddling, bridling, and ground work.
  • For further information or to arrange for lessons please call Wandering Trails at (561) 622-8130.

After School Horsemanship and Leasing Program

It has been shown over and over that horses are great teachers of patience and responsibility for children and young adults.  The lessons that horses teach are carried over into adulthood creating a sense of confidence within each equestrian.  This is why Wandering Trails is offering a new after school program.  For $50 per week you can spend your afternoons learning about and caring for a horse designated as your own.  You will be taught how to care for your horse from top to bottom.  This means everything from cleaning stalls and waters to grooming and tacking your horse.
You will be individually advanced based on your own motivation and comprehension.  There will also be off campus trips such as beach rides, barrel shows, and/or camp outs that you will be able to attend.  More advanced riders will be eligible to participate in these activities.  Eligibility will be dependent upon each rider’s advancements and accomplishments.  There will be extra fees to attend off campus activities.
Due to popular request, you will purchase your own grooming supplies; this way you can find tools that will best fit your hands and movements.  Of course, these supplies will be yours to keep.  You can either purchase the supplies on your own or we will take you to the tack store.  If you decide to buy these supplies on your own, here is a list of the needed supplies: metal curry, hard brush, soft brush, mane and tail comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper, wash mitt, and a bucket or tote in which to carry these supplies.  Bridles, halters, and saddles will be provided; however, if you would like to purchase your own bridle and halter, you may do so.  If you choose to purchase your own tack and grooming supplies, please keep the receipts and tags in case they are not correct.
If you would like to sign up for this program, please call our office. 


We offer summer riding camp as well as mini-camps during spring break and winter holidays. Children of all ages will enjoy grooming horses, trail rides, hayrides, games on horseback, fort building and many other activities with horses. Please click on the lnk below for detailed information regarding camps. After reviewing the PDF document, please call the stable if you have any questons. (note: dates will vary from year to year).


Summer Break Camp 2017

March 20th thru March 23rd


Summer Break Camp 2017

June 5th thru August 11th


Please click here to download detailed information for 2017 summer camp and the registration form.

(You will need to have Adobe ACROBAT READER installed on your computer in order to view this file. If you do NOT have Adobe Acrobat, you can download ACROBAT READER free.)


Trail Rides

Guided trail rides are available by appointment only and you may walk, jog, and lope the horses through 600 acres of secluded Florida landscape. We will choose a mount and vary the speed of the ride according to your ability.

  • One hour trail ride is $30.00 per person
  • Two hour trail ride is $65.00 per person

Nature Rides

  • Join us at beautiful Dupuis Park for a day horseback riding through 22,000 unspoiled acres. Deer, boar and small bobcats are among the animals spotted along the trails. Dates vary.scheduled dates.


Beach Rides

  • Groups of 15 persons or more may select their own beach ride day from Monday through Friday during the months of October, November & December (pending conformation of availability).
  • $75.00 per person / per ride must be paid in full prior to day of ride. No Refunds. Reservations will not be held for unpaid rides. Call for Dates and directions


Catered Parties

Let us cater your next party. We are able to accommodate large and small groups. We offer Birthday parties, hayrides, cookouts, pony parties, etc. Arrangements are tailored to your individual needs.